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  1. Default August: Las Vegas & San Diego

    I'm new to this site so apologies if I'm not completely in tune with the process.

    My wife and I are spending most of August in US with friends and intend flying into Las Vegas towards the end of the month. We thought we might spend 3/4 days driving down to R/V with friends for a couple of days in San Diego; with a bit of time in Las Vegas of course.

    Any thoughts on how we might best spend this time?

    Many thanks
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    Default R/v ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You could comfortable drive to San Diego in the same day with a couple of stops, so with 3-4 days you have many options to explore. That's if I am reading it right, as I don't understand exactly what you mean ?
    "We thought we might spend 3/4 days driving down to R/V with friends for a couple of days in San Diego"
    It's the "driving down to R/V" part that has thrown me, as I have no idea where you mean or where you are referring to. Perhaps an RV to SD ? Maybe it's just some place/thing I haven't heard of.

    Anyway, I would recommend you look around the forums and road trip planning pages with a good map and see what appeals to you and how much time you want to spend driving. You could simply spend a little time in Mojave preserve and have a couple of nights around Palm Springs and Joshua tree NP, or you have options like going across the Hoover dam to the Grand canyon South rim and down through Joshua tree, or even across Death valley to the West where you could head North to Yosemite or to Sequoia NP, or both with 4 days !

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    Apologies Dave - R/V is rendezvous - European connection showing itself.

    Just to clarify I thought I would fly in Las Vegas and then travel by road to be in San Diego 3/4 days later. I was considering a day in Las Vegas, depending on flight timings, before heading out for San Diego. I originally looked at going east to the Grand Canyon but suspect from what you've mentioned above there might be more than enough to fill my time out to the west; however I would welcome your views on the Grand Canyon option.

    Anyway I'll do as you suggest and look around the site.


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    Default Tough one !

    Aha, gotcha !

    The Grand canyon certainly lives up to it's reputation as one of the wonders of the world. To get there you will be crossing the Hoover dam bridge so you could head down to the dam and take a detour from Kingman through Seligman on part of the original route 66. Monument valley, Sunset crater and Walnut canyon are a few other attractions around GC and Joshua tree NP would be an option on the way back to SD.

    Having said that, heading West and the diversity of Death valley and Yosemite/Sequoia is every bit as appealing and having done both, I wouldn't like to choose.

    Grand canyon


    When you have looked around and figured out what you want to do, let us know if you have any other questions, good luck !

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    Looks like the Grand Canyon option wins Dave.

    Any thoughts on accommodation for a couple of nights - location as much as anything - probably between Walnut Canyon and Monument Valley.

    I hope I'm not taking too much advantage of the excellent advice.


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    Williams and Flagstaff have 'budget friendly' lodging options with Tusayan being the closest to the GC. The GC has lodging in the park, but you will pay a premium. If your budget could manage 1 night around the village area it is worth it. In between Walnut canyon and Monument valley you could check out the Cameron trading post on US89. It's also very close to the East entry kiosk into the Grand canyon along Desert view drive [AZ64].

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    Between the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, your lodging choices are very limited. There is the Cameron Trading Post, 2 hotels in Tuba City, and 2 or 3 hotels in Kayenta.

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