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    Default SW Colorado Tent Camping - Late Aug

    This is my first road trip longer than a weekend getaway. Please let me know what you think. Will be doing this with boyfriend and 2 dogs. I am somewhat concerned about the hassle of setting up/breaking down camp so frequently, but I don't think it will be really bad considering we have a very easy tent to set up and only bring the bare essentials.

    Approx 800 mi in 9 Days.

    Day 1 - Drive Denver to Buena Vista via 285. (Approx 2 hrs 45 min). Set up camp near Cottonwood Lake. Spend day fishing and hiking.

    Day 2 - Break down camp, drive Buena Vista to Gunnison via Highway 50 (Approx 2 hrs). Set up camp at Curecanti National Recreation Area. Spend day swimming, fishing, possibly canoeing.

    Day 3 - Hike Black Canyon of the Gunnison nearby. Sleep in Curecanti again.

    Day 4 - Break down camp, drive Gunnison to Alta Lakes near Telluride via 550/Million $ Hway to Ophir Pass (scenic 4-wheel pass - approx 3 hr). Set up camp. Spend day hiking, fishing, etc.

    Day 5 - Break down camp, drive Telluride to Navajo State Park by taking Ophir Pass back to 550 (Approx 3 hrs). Set up camp. Stay 3 nights. Spend days canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming and hanging out.

    Day 8- Break down camp. Drive Navajo to Buena Vista area (Approx 3 hrs 45 min). Camp at Ruby Mtn Campground right off Arkansas River.

    Day 9 - Break down camp & drive home via 285.

    Any feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Looks great !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It looks to me like you have a very nice camping trip planned ! It would seem that you are prepared and already know that Ophir pass is recommended for high clearance vehicles and slow going and if that is the case and you have a capable vehicle I would say you are good to go !

    The one thing you may have to check [if you haven't already] is the availability of camping sites, especially at the popular spots such as Currecanti and that they are all 'pet friendly'.

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    Default Cottonwood Pass?

    Hello Lucid,

    I don't think I can get that close to Cottonwood Pass without a drive over the top from BV to Gunnison. It's been since 2002 that I've been there, but the BV side was paved all the way to the pass and the Gunnison side was good, wide, well-maintained gravel. We came up from the Gunnison side in a rental Chevy Caprice, so that tells you how easy the drive was.

    The view of the Presidentials and Taylor Park Reservoir were nothing less than spectacular. If you haven't done that pass, you're going to be right there, so I'd grab it. The drive down along the river from Taylor Park to Gunnison is nice, too. Lots of rafters whooping it up.

    I'd be tempted to stop at Cottonwood Hot Springs on the way up to the pass from the BV side, too.

    Enjoy your trip!


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