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    My husband and I have driven to LA from Vancouver a twice, once taking 3 days, and another taking 22 hours of almost driving straight through. (each way)
    This summer we're thinking of going in August and take about 7-10 days. We'll have 2-3 drivers and will be travelling with teens.
    They really want to camp instead of doing hotels, so I need some suggestions......
    The first day we want to get South as far as possible. Stop one day in San Fran, and then go onto LA.
    Any good and cheap campsites that can be recommended in San Fran and LA? (we're thinking of Venice Beach area)?

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    Well, at least on this occasion, you'll have the minimal amount of time (2½ days each way) for a safe and sane drive, But with that 5-6 days spent getting to Los Angeles and back, a day spent in San Francisco, and presumably a day or two spent at your destination, your time is pretty well spoken for without looking for additional time sinks.

    While there are RV parks in major urban areas, and commercial campsites within relatively short driving distance, we simply can't keep track of the plethora of constantly changing commercial sites. But CAA/AAA supply campground books listing such establishments and Woodall's North American Campground Directory is another good sourcebook. If you're looking for something with a bit more rural feel than such places, then you're going to be looking at the state park systems in the three states you'll be driving through: Washington, Oregon, and California. Places like (and near) Venice Beach have some of the costliest real estate on the face of the Earth and just about every square inch of beach front (and beach 'near') space is covered with someone's private home. There's barely room for streets, let alone parking and camping(!!??!!).


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