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  1. Default Roadtrip from mpls to YELLOWSTONE- suggestions please :)

    I am taking a roadtrip in June from Minneapolis to Yellowstone National Park. Although I may have company, I also might be doing this solo- very exciting nonetheless!

    I am looking for itinerary items to break-up the long roadtrip. I will be going through Bismark, Miles City, and Billings before reaching my final destination of West Yellowstone, MT. Any suggestions for stops or attractions along the way or once I reach Yellowstone, would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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    Default Just Like Other Regions and Routes

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The highlight of your route would be Theodore Roosevelt National Park, just west of Belfield, ND. But there are also wildlife refuges, state parks in both North Dakota and Montana, and historic sites. Also, if you're just looking for restful breaks, they abound along this route as they do everywhere.


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    I would highly recommend that you either enter or leave via the Beartooth Highway. It's one of the great scenic roads in the country. This is US-212, which meets I-90 just west of Billings and it goes to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone.

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    These are exactly the kinds of suggestions I was looking for! So glad I found this forum :)

    Thanks so much!

    P.S. Any tips for lone roadtrippers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by john1586 View Post
    P.S. Any tips for lone roadtrippers?
    Just take all the normal common sense safety precautions like you do when you are at home, and you'll be fine. In almost 100000 miles spread over some 20 months on the road (in North America), I have never felt unsafe or insecure. Keep your phone well charged.

    And when you stop somewhere for a cuppa or a meal, see if you can find another lone traveller, at a table, all by themselves, and share experiences. You'll be surprised the people you meet.

    And never accept an offer of accommodation from someone whom you did not know before.

    Lifey who travels alone
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  6. Default Slight snag

    I had originally planned to rent a car. The cost of approx. $500 for 8 days didn't seem too outrageous, until they tack on an extra $200 for drivers under 25. I have a working and fairly reliable vehicle (camry) that just hit 200,000mi and I'm considering taking it instead and saving the $700+ dollars.

    Concerns/questions I have:

    What options would I have if I breakdown on the road? - I do have AAA

    Is it completely unreasonable to expect a car with 200,000mi to make this roadtrip?

    Thanks for your tips!

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    As long as it is well maintained, there is no reason you can't take a car on a roadtrip well beyond 200,000 miles. My primary roadtrip vehicle is pushing 250,000.

    Having said that, you do need to make sure you get a good inspection before you leave, and keep in mind that even in the best run and cared for car, things do simply wear out. It is quite possible you'll need to make a repair on the road and you need to have a good amount of money/credit available to make sure you can get it fixed and get back home if the worst happens.

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    Just have someone look over the car before you go. IF you do happen to break down, ask locals for someone you can trust. We had everything checked out on our last big trip but something went wrong with the breaks around Estes Park CO. NOT fun. BUt we asked and we were taken care of no problem.

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    Thanks for the tips! The trip should be a memorable one :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by john1586 View Post
    The trip should be a memorable one :)
    It is bound to be. And be sure to come back here, and let us know how it goes in our RoadTrip Field Report forum. We look forward to reading how it all went.

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