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  1. Default Any automated Trip Planners that determine stops?

    I am trying to plan a speed run from Cali to Alaska. I want to just plug in the start and end locations, the range of the car between fill-ups and either the daily driving time or distance. That way I don't have to figure out where and when to stop, it will map it for me. Does such a program or app exist?

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    If any program does it, Microsoft Streets and Trips would be it. I don't use S&T myself, but I believe that is one of the options does what you are looking for.

    Of course, with the drag and drop feature of Google and many of the other free online programs, it is pretty easy to plan those stops without the expense of purchasing S&T - it just requires a little bit of thinking on your part.

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    Are you referring specifically to the Alaska Highway? Because if you are, you will find that the 'stops' are virtually built into the road.

    It is a day's travel from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson to Watson Lake to Whitehorse to Tok to Fairbanks/Anchorage.

    When travelling to Alaska, you will find that you meet the same travellers at the accommodation at each of these places. Fuel and supplies are available in all these towns, and some small places in between. Unless you have a real gas-guzzler, you will find that you will only fill up once a day, in these towns.


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