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    Hey Guys!

    My name is Anique and I'm a 21 year old girl from the Netherlands. A few years ago I was an exchange student in Florida and it was such a great experience. This summer I want to go back to Florida to visit my old high school and some friends. I plan on coming for about a 5-week period. Since I'm going to be by myself I was wondering if anyone has some tips for me? I plan on staying with friends most of the time, but does anyone happen to know some good, low budget hotels I could stay in? How about renting a car? Is there a popular car rental agency that doesn't have high rates? I donít even know if youíre able to rent a car at 21? Iíll probably have to get my international license before I fly over there, but that shouldnít be a problem.
    Is there a low budget airline that flies across the country? Iíve noticed that the domestic flight are quite expensive compared to the international flights. I plan on flying in at Atlanta and then either rent a car and drive down or get some kind of a cheap flight to the panhandle area.
    When I was last in the Florida I did all the touristy sightseeing things, this time I really want to do something else. Iíve already been to Disney, Bush Gardens, Kennedy Space Centre, Everglades and the Florida Keys. Does anyone have some other suggestions about places I have to visit? Iím open to anything.

    I really do appreciate all the help I can get. Hopefully you guys will be able to help me finalize my trip. Iím really excited about coming back, I miss the American way of life. Well, thanks for your help!

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    You certainly can rent a car at 21, but it will have a daily "young driver" surcharge. We understand that you will probably get your best rates by prebooking through a consolidator in your home country, and sometimes the surcharge may be waived.

    Yes, if your home license is not in English you will need to get an international permit in your home country before you leave. This is simply a translation of your home license into about 10 languages.

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