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    Default 2-3 days/2 nights from Niagara - where do we go?

    So that's what I'm trying to work out. My wife and I are from the UK and are keen to get a new experience after we visit Niagara Falls. We'll have been driving up the Pacific Coast beforehand, after which we'll be flying into Toronto and having a night at the Falls. We've got to be back in Toronto 2 days later, but until we're due back, we're trying to plan what to do in this last leg of our road trip.

    We've looked at where it's feasible to visit in this time and we're not sure where to visit. People have suggested things like the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, and whilst that looks good, we'd like to get something else out of the trip - i.e. not just a Museum, especially if it's a long way to get to and the route there and back doesn't offer much. It looks like if we go west into Michigan, most of what we'd like to see will be in the northwest of the state and we just won't have enough time. Pennsylvania would be good, but again - where do we go? The Ponoco mountains look good but I think they're too far away. New York State - haven't a clue what's in upstate New York that would be good. New England - great, but again, don't think we'll have enough time.

    Above all, we don't want an anti-climax after the Northwest... we've got commitments in Toronto which is why we've got to get back there, but we really want to use the time between leaving Niagara and returning to Toronto as effectively as we can. There've got to be obvious suggestions but, not knowing the region, I need other people's input! Would be really interested to hear anyone's ideas on all this. Thanks!

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    Default Once Around Lake Ontario Should Work

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Having lived in central New York and driven a bit around the area you're considering, what I would suggest is a loop around the lake. On the south side, travel a bit inland. From Niagara, head through the Finger Lakes Region, hitting some of the following: Letchworth State Park, Watkins Glen State Park, or Taughannock Falls State Park. then head north through Syracuse and on to the Thousand Islands Region, and finish up with a drive along the northern shore of the lake with possible stops at Sandbanks and Presqu'ile Provincial Parks.


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    Default What's the best route for a round trip from toronto, dipping into the usa?

    We've got 2 nights and 3 days and want to make the most of our time, so we're looking for inspiration. We're actually starting from niagara, so will have done the obvious attration already, so it's really the other places i'm interested in. New york state, michigan and pennsylvania all look great, but what would be worth seeing in the time we've got? It seems the best things are too far away if you need to travel back to toronto. All ideas much appreciated! Many thanks :-)

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    Since there never is a single "best" answer, did any of the ideas that Buck already provided appeal to you?

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    Yes, some of these ideas appealed but i wanted more exposure, so i could get the opinions of others too. One area i was considering is the bluewater part of michigan, or perhaps the warren county area of pennsylvania. Please could you reactivate my threads so that more people can look and respond if they wish. Thanking you.

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    Nothing about your thread has ever been deactivated. It was simply merged back with your original thread.

    It is a policy of this forum that we only allow one thread per trip, and it is also incredibly rude behavior to come onto a forum and just ask the same question repeatedly, without providing any response, insight, or thanks to those who have already taken the time to give you some ideas. More to the point, you will get a whole lot more useful information if you get involved in the discussion rather than just pleading "help."

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