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    ... Well, kind of.

    My favorite friend and I are fresh out of college (or are about to be, in my case) with naught but a few hopes for the future and a hefty helping of the post graduate blues. So to sing out our youth in style we're planning a little spring road trip and, if all goes well, more will follow.

    For now we're considering taking a week off to tool around the Pacific Northwest. We have a few destinations in mind, a route which rounds out to be about 2,000 miles. How long does such a trip usually take? We've got our hypothesis, but we'd like some experienced trippers input. Are we leaving ourselves enough time? We like to think we've accounted for time wasted getting lost, resting and taking in sights, but with no experience we're just not sure. This is our first road trip, so we're kind of jumping into this blind.

    We're also wondering what resources are available as far as finding cheap lodgings, tourist destinations/traps and iconic places to chow down along the way. Any information regarding historic highways is also desperately wanted, I for one don't want to be on the interstate all that way.

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    ...that I don't have a clue how long 'such' a trip 'usually' takes, because I don't have a clue what you have in mind. First off, all roads are not created equal. It will take significantly longer to drive 2000 miles on FS roads than on Interstates, 2 to 3 times longer. But the least amount of time that you're going to spend in the car is 4 days. Similarly I can't recommend specific sites, highways, or anything else with a target as large as the 'Pacific Northwest'. That covers a minimum of 4 states and 2 provinces. It's alright if you want to jump in blind, but don't blindfold your seeing-eye dog.


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