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    Default how good is Alaska?

    Hi all,

    I am trying to plan road trip to Alaska during the summer, I'd like to have feedbacks from people that went there already. I find information on internet from people living in that area:
    but I wanted to get a neutral judgment from you guys.

    thank you so much
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    Default The Mile Post

    Having driven to Alaska and back, twice, I recommend the first thing you do is purchase The Milepost. This guide is available from all good bookstores and online. It is the bible of all who take the trek north.

    And then you might like to peruse this thread, of my most recent trip. Any specific questions you have after that, feel free to ask, and we will answer as best we can.

    Lifey loves the drive to Alaska

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    royS Guest


    I guess not a lot of people go to Alaska, should I worry?

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    Everything is relative.

    Thousands of people drive to Alaska every year, but to expect to get a huge personal response on a forum like this is a little unrealistic. There are just a lot more people here who are asking for help, compared to those who are giving it. It is also a huge trip requiring a major investment of time (Basically a month for a round trip from most of the lower 48), so it certainly isn't something that is done as part of a casual roadtrip.

    But having said that, you have gotten response from Lifey, who has shared her first hand experience. If she, as grandmother and solo female traveler, can make the trip, I don't think you should worry too much.

    There are also more threads and articles if you spend some time looking around the RTA site, but you'll have to go to them, rather than having them come to you!

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    Roy, it is obvious from your comment, that you have not yet seen the The Mile Post. It is peppered with personal stories and comments from those who have travelled.

    The Mile Post is the answer to all your questions, and no! I do not have shares in it. I just know I could not have enjoyed it as I did, without that guide.

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    I concur. You don't want to make the trip without the Milepost. Buy it as soon as possible, and it will tell you every single point of interest on every possible route. It even has several preplanned routes inside depending on what places you want to see and how long you want your trip. I have made the drive once (speed run) and it was beautiful. I took my time once as well, and took the ferry, also a wonderful experience. I am about to make the trip again on another speed run. I don't think you will regret it. I plan to make the trip a couple more times with the family, when we can take our time.

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