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    Default a small vacation plans

    I was planing a preliminary trip to New york(new york part cna be fixed from sweden, itīs the texas, las vegas part that i need advice and cost estimate) from sweden, a couple of days in new york, then fly down to texas an visit a relative and visit my nephew(free room) and know texas for a couple of days, rent a car and head down to Las vegas, and grand canion, Area 51, and what ever more is that area, fly back to sweden there after it should all take 3 weeks tops.

    I travel usualy as backpacker, i donīt require any luxery, a comfortable bed, basic food is more then enough, this is more as a luxery backpacker trip for me.

    Thanks in advanced rodrigo, sweden.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Are you looking for a cost estimate? A very rough estimate is about $100 a day to cover your basic on the road costs (fuel, lodging, food). However, you'll have to get some rental car quotes on top of that, which will very likely include a significant one way drop off fee.

    A lot of it is going to depend on the specifics of your trip however, as there's quite a few moving parts that can change the equation.

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