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    Hello everyone, recently came accross your site, its great :)

    Im planning a road trip for me and 3 friends, we have booked flights to Boston on may the 1st, and leave from san franciso 23rd May. We are going to rent a car, looking at the Pontiac Bonneville, as they dont sell those in the UK (where we are all coming from) would this be a good choice for us?

    Our trip currently is:

    Boston 1 night
    New york 1-2 nights

    Las vegas booked from 17th to 19th 3 nights
    LA 1 night
    San Francisco 3-4 nights

    Now we have approx 2 weeks through the middle but we want to 'see where the road takes us' so we are not booking anymore hotels.

    We prefer a southen route from New York, but we need advice on good places to stop along the way, we are all male 27-28 year olds, our interests would be great nights out (bars/clubs) and sightseeing.

    What do you guys recommend?

    Thanks All


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    Considering that GM discontinued the Pontiac line last year and the final year of Bonneville production was 2005, the odds of finding a Bonneville in a rental fleet are nil. You might be able to find a G8, which indirectly replaced the Bonneville. You also generally cannot reserve a specific car - if you look at the listings, they all say "or similar". Your best compromise between size and cost would probably be a "full size sedan" such as a Chevy Impala, Nissan Altima, or Dodge Charger. You will most likely get a better rate reserving through a UK consolidator rather than directly through a US rental firm.

    2 weeks from NYC to LV is plenty of time to explore, a straight through drive via fastest route is only a 5 day drive spending less than 10 hours on the road.

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    Default Night Life on the Way

    If you're looking for 'night life' on a southern route, here are a few cities to try to include on your trip. Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, Austin, and Santa Fe. Hitting them all will up your mileage a bit, but with two weeks for the cross country portion of your trip, you have plenty of time. I do wonder about your plan to only spend one night in Los Angeles. It will take most of the day to drive there from Las Vegas, and all the next day to drive to San Francisco, so your time in the city itself hardly justifies the detour. Especially since you will have just been in Las Vegas, those are two days that might be better devoted to a spectacular drive such as up through Death Valley, over Tioga Pass and through Yosemite to San Francisco.


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    Thanks glc,

    We booked a car from what you said, so hopefully will have one of those three now, thank you :)


    Your right, we looked at our route, its pretty pointless going to LA, so now I think we are going straight to SF, deffinatly very helpful for us :) thank you

    The destinations you mentioned will be great for our trip, its helped us at least get an idea where to head to, much appreciated!!!!!

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