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    Default April 2011 Dreaming of RT to YellowStone from NC??

    This is my first post to this forum and I love the idea of Road Tripping. I love to drive, we have a Subaru Forester and now really enjoy driving. My husband and I have been dreaming of visiting Yellowstone for years. We have a 7 year old daughter; this can be a little daunting for a child to go driving many days from NC. I think that might be over the top for her, let alone us.
    I do not like flying at all and would rather take to the road then go through the airports.
    Is there a good route from Raleigh, NC to Yellowstone to drive in a good time, or am I dreaming? My time is limited, max is 10 days. Looking at the miles it seems crazy:)

    Is there something in between that miles that is fabulous and a National Park that is closer and just as wonderful?

    Thought about renting RV and flying back too. Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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    I think a round trip to Yellowstone is too much for only 10 days. Just to drive from Raleigh to Yellowstone via fastest route is 2200 miles, which is 4 full days on the road, driving 10 to 12 hours with minimal stops (fast food, fuel, bathroom).

    What I'd probably recommend is fly to Denver or Salt Lake City, rent a car, then return it same place and fly home. With effectively 8 days, you can enjoy Yellowstone and see some other sights in that part of the country.

    EDIT: You may not want to go to Yellowstone in April.

    Spring Road Openings:
    The North Entrance to Northeast Entrance at Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana is open all year. Please note that this road is closed to east/west travel just east of Cooke City from late fall to early spring.

    Once an Entrance/Road opens, it is open 24 hours a day. The only exceptions are caused by road construction and weather-related restrictions.

    Roads will open to motorized, wheeled vehicles as follows:
    April 15, 2011—Weather permitting, west-side roads open to motor vehicles. Visitors will be able to travel by car through the park's North & West Entrances to Norris, Madison, Canyon, & Old Faithful beginning at 8:00 a.m.
    May 6, 2011—Weather permitting, the road linking Canyon, Fishing Bridge, & the East Entrance opens to wheeled vehicles.
    May 13, 2011—Travel from the South Entrance to Grant, West Thumb, Fishing Bridge, & Lake over Craig Pass to Old Faithful open to wheeled vehicles. Also, Tower Junction to Tower Fall opens to wheeled vehicles. The road from Cooke City over Colter Pass to the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway intersection to the Long Lake gate shall open as soon thereafter as possible. For information on roads outside of the park from Cooke City via the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway, travelers in Wyoming may dial 511; those outside of Wyoming may call 1-888-996-7623, or visit the Wyoming Department of Transportation website at .
    May 27, 2011—Long Lake Gate over the Beartooth Highway to Red Lodge, Montana. For information on the Beartooth Highway to Red Lodge, Montana, which usually opens the Friday before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, travelers in Montana may dial 511; those outside Montana may call 1-800-226-7623, or visit the Montana Department of Transportation website at .

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    Default RoadTripping the Rockies from Raleigh

    Hello criscross,

    My colleague glc hit the nail directly upon the head here. In the last 7 months I've done 2 RoadTrips to and from Montana and Utah, respectively, from right here in Raleigh. The latter trip was a short ski trip, and the trips out and back were not separated by enough fun time, let me assure you.

    Besides, as noted, Yellowstone is still very much in a Winter mode in April.

    A fly-and-drive to DEN or SLC would cost you 1 day out and 1 day back, leaving 8 days for enjoyment of the Rockies. If you were to choose SLC, you could visit some great desert mountain scenery at Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce, and Zion, and you'd probably see plenty of snowcapped mountains in the form of the Wasatch Range on the east side of SLC.


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    Thank you.... I forgot about the winter still.... my husband and I honeymooned in Banff and Jasper Canada in May and it snowed:) This is great advice. Thank you!

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