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  1. Default Colorado for the summer - scaredyKat - no STEEP roads

    We are thinking about going to Colorado during the summertime to escape the extreme heat here in Houston, TX... maybe stay a couple of months, but I am the driver and my husband is navigator - and although I have driven several times to Mountain View, Arkansas - I am sort of afraid of Colorado roads - which sometimes are steep and intimidating. There are some pretty steep places on our way to Mountain View, but I guess I am used to them. Can anyone suggest a STARTING point, where the weather might be nice - and we can venture out from there???

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    I'm sorry but you've got me quite confused. You are scared of mountain roads, so you are going to spend a few months in the Rocky Mountain State?

    Your best bet to avoid steep roads is to stick to the Interstates, which are built to standards that limit grades and curves, but ones you get into the mountains of Colorado, you won't be able to get everywhere by interstate.

    If you're just looking to escape the heat, perhaps you'd be better off going to some place north, but not in the mountains. Maybe Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan, someplace in Canada, or New England might be a better choice?

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    Thanks Michael - you are probably right - but then, I could check out the Interstates and maybe just stay within my comfort zone that way. Just don't like the steep dropoffs on the sides of mountains - don't like them much in a car and even LESS in an RV.

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    Default Only you can find your 'comfort' zone.

    Although Colorado is not short on 'scary roads,' [for some] it also has some fine driving roads that although steep in places, doesn't always mean drop offs and death defying switchbacks.
    Of course it is impossible to know at what level your fear begins, so you will need to do a little research and like you rightly say, stay in your 'comfort zone'. Will you be with car in tow or just the RV ? A car would offer a better opportunity to hold up in a place for longer periods of time, stay on main routes with the RV, and head out for day's. Perhaps a good 'starting point' would be just off Interstate, Colorado/Manitou Springs could be a good base to start with and see how you go from there.

    It's quite doable in an RV, perhaps our last trip will give you some idea, but keep in mind I actually love the steep twisty mountain Roads and go looking for them !

    Any questions, just ask !

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    If you are trying to avoid steep mountain roads there are a few places that you can go. If you want to camp and be in the mountains, there is a place called Red Feathers Lakes which is north of Fort Collins. There is camping there as well as fishing. The road there is probably one of the easiest you could take.
    You can also travel up the Poudre Canyon Highway and there are RV parks along the way as well as national forest campgrounds. However, the road is a little more challenging than the Red Feathers route. It is very pretty though and you drive along the Poudre River.
    The third option is to stay further south near the Spanish Peaks and the town of La Veta. Its a little more open down there but there is also some pretty areas. It is also close to the Great Sand Dunes which is a fun site to see and hike as well.

    Hope this Helps!

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    Poudre Canyon west of Cameron Pass has some pretty good dropoffs so that's not a complete solution.

    Colorado is only cool in the summer up in the mountains. To get up into the mountains you have to go on some roads that climb. That tends to mean dropoffs.

    I don't think there's a geographical solution to this problem.

    We only lose a very few RV's off the edge each year. I guarantee that if you wear a blindfold as a passenger it won't be you :-)

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    Will check out the places you have recommended. I am towing a car - so, we COULD find a nice place to camp and then do some recon in the car just to check out the roads and different parks. I really appreciate you helping us to make some decisions and ask ourselves some better questions to decide just where my comfort level is. I have happily driven several times to Mountain View, Arkansas - and it's not exactly straight, level roads - so.... it's just a matter of getting my 'head right'...

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    You have plenty of options to keep clear of 'extreme roads' and settle in for a while to get the feel of area's with the time you have available. Keep looking around the forums and other RTA pages for info and if you have other questions just ask.

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