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    I've recently moved to San Francisco and I have some friends visiting me in March and I'm planning my first of what will probably be many road trips around CA.

    We plan to go for 5 days, leaving SF on Monday 7th March (am) and returning late on Friday 11th March. My must see is Death Valley as I've heard it's the best time of year to go.

    Can anyone offer suggestions for the best round trip from SF to Death Valley and back? I'd like to try to spend a couple of days in Death Valley and I don't mind doing a long day of driving in one direction if allows us to maximize time Death Valley &/or any other stops along the way. I have plenty of other opportunities to get to see CA so I don't need to do it all in one trip, although I still want to show my guests some great sites. I'm not sure if it's a good time of year to do a drive through yosemite, but I know that's one place my guests would like to see if we can.

    Thanks for any help.

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    In March, all the passes over the central Sierra Nevada will still be snowbound, so your only options are to go around the mountains to the north (via Lake Tahoe) or to the south (through Bakersfield). Both are long drives, but doable in a day if you don't stop for much more than food/fuel/bathroom breaks along the way. Since there isn't all that much of a difference in time or distance between the two options, I'd suggest doing a loop that includes both for the variety. That would leave you three days in Death Valley, or if two days is sufficient then you can spend your 'extra' day checking out the Lake Tahoe/Reno/Virginia City area.


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    You could still go to Yosemite, you just won't be able to visit the high ground and you will have to enter and leave via the west or south entrances.

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