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    Default Heading to Vegas and NP's around Vegas

    Hi All,

    I recently discovered this site and wish I had long ago. This is my first post in this forum and hoping for some advice or pointers.

    Im from Buffalo, NY and will be heading out to Vegas in late May/early June for 10 days. I have done this with my girlfriend for the last few years and this year we want to expand our vacation out of the city for a few days and visit some of the great National Parks around. Last year we took a bus tour from our hotel to the Grand Canyon but we spent very little time at the Canyon and would like to go back. Out of the 10 days out west I will need to spend about 5 of them in Vegas for a WSOP poker tournament but I will have 5 days to spend elswhere. My initial plans are to rent a car and spend a couple nights heading east towards Zion NP and GC NP. Then heading back to Vegas. I would like to spend a couple of days seeing things like Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire and if possible Sequoia National Park. I know Sequoia NP is a ways out, do you think it is worth the trip? Any ideas on how many days i shoud plan for varies legs or which order to do these in, or just plain leaves something out to spend more time at something better? Like ive said ive spent many days/weeks in the city of vegas, but never before rented a car their and ventured further than the the strip or freemont street.

    I know it is alot of driving but i often go on long road trips for vacations and dont mind it. Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Right or Left ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Sequoia is a bit more than a little out of the way, apart from the way the crow fly's. It looks close to Death valley but in fact you have the Sierra Nevada between them and it is quite a drive to go around. With 5 day's available for a road trip two popular options would be either a loop to the East or one to the West. 1 15 North from Vegas [Valley of Fire] to Zion and then East to Bryce canyon and then South through Page to the Grand canyon South rim [with a possible detour to Monument valley] and then back to Vegas via the Hoover dam. The second would be across Death valley to 395 and head North towards Lee Vining and into Yosemite NP via the Tioga pass [CA120] and then South to Sequoia NP and back to Vegas. You could mix things up a bit, but with only 5 days one of these two options would make a good loop trip. With option 1 you could do a day trip from Vegas to Death valley and with option 2 a day trip to Zion NP during the time you have in Vegas. The thing to keep a close eye on with option 2 would be the Tioga pass status as it is only just opening up during this time of year after the snow plows have cleared the road. The waterfalls in Yosemite will be flowing nicely and will make quite some spectacle.

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    Thanks Southwest Dave!

    I talked it over with my GF last night and we are going to take your advice and stick to the loop to the east that you mentioned. I thought perhaps doing everything would have been a bit much given the time that we will have, but im glad I asked because and now have made up my mind. If I bust out early in the poker tournament we may take the day trip to Death Valley like you mentioned.

    Thanks again!

  4. Default NP's around Vegas

    I am a little late to this party but hopefully there is still time to offer my 2cents.... We took a very similar trip 3 years ago beginning from Vegas. If you are AAA members they offer a free FABULOUS map of this area called "Indian Country". Not only is it a map, but also tells you about nearby points of interest. The complete route is called "The Grand Circle of the Southwest"(which you can Google for more info) included SEVEN NP's and took us a full two weeks to complete the circle. If you intend to go to more than one NP, it is worth your money to buy an annual pass . I think it is $50.00 and covers you and whoever else is in your car for entry to all NP parks for one year. If you are over 62, you can purchase a lifetime pass for less money.Just Google National Park Service for more info. Also, if you do find yourself even near Page, AZ, you MUST go to a place called Antelope Canyon. It is on an Indian reservation. There is a nominal fee for a guided tour. OMG!!!!! Google this place as I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is w/mere words.It was our favorite stop for the entire trip.
    Hope this helps. Have a great trip!!!! MG

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    The annual parks pass is $80. The lifetime seniors' pass is $10.

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    Default To clarify further.

    If you intend to go to more than one NP, it is worth your money to buy an annual pass .
    You can find all NP entrance fee info at, but generally speaking the Annual pass becomes financially beneficial if you are planning to visit 4 or more major NP's during the year.

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