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    My husband and I are considering going on some sort of road trip at the beginning of December. We live near Columbus, Ohio.

    I'm looking for suggestions on places to go, sites to see, etc. We're looking at going for a week. Please if you've traveled from or around Ohio and know some good places in local states to visit let me know. I'm nervous because of how snow can be. :(

    Is it best to start by picking a destination? Then research a route and find stops?? I'm excited to try and see things around the United States, but no idea how to find anything.

    Thanks so much for any tips. :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Given a two day purposeful drive outgoing and a two day purposeful drive coming home, you have pretty much the entire eastern United States open to you. I assume you don't want to go to Canada or the Rockies with your concern about snow. And as long as you stay out of the higher elevations of the Appalachians, pretty much anywhere south of you should be fine. Some places you might want to consider include the gracious southern coastal cities of Charleston and Savannah, Cajun Country south and west of New Orleans, and the swamps and historic sites of southern Georgia. Note that I've left out the obvious (and crowded) destinations of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of Florida.


  3. Default Diversions on your way out.

    Perhaps not destinations, but worth seeing on your way out/back if you're going that way.

    Hocking Hills State Parks. The place is magical after a rain, or snowmelt, what with the streams and waterfalls. Well worth a day.

    Visit Clifton Mill, decorated with 3 1/2 MILLION lights to get you into the holiday spirit. The musical light show is awesome!!! If you're into hiking, nearby Clifton Gorge is worth a stop.

    The Air Force Museum. I think it puts the Smithsonian to shame. Well, actually it IS a Smithsonian Museum! Where else can you walk through several Air Force Ones? See the SR-71 Blackhawk, B1 Bomber, B-52 Bomber, Nuclear Missiles, a deactivated nuclear bomb, and the actual B-29 Bomber that ended the war at Nagasaki. You can spend several hours here, or several days. And it costs ... NOTHING!!!

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