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    I was planning a trip from Vancouver bc to portland, what is the best route, way of traveling there? I mainly want to do shopping there and some on the way.

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    I-5 all the way. It should take you about 6 hours plus whatever delays you have at the border.

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    Is there a route where there is less driving? bus, train, ? Also which hotels do you recommend at Portland? Thanks

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    You can't get any faster by car than by taking the interstate. I'm sure you'd have some options by bus and/or train (possibly with a transfer in Seattle), but you'll have to look up Greyhound and Amtrak to see what your options are. I'm certain either would take at least some more time than driving.

    For hotels, there are hundreds of options in Portland with all sorts of price ranges and locations - far too many to get any sort of a reasonable sample on a small forum such as this. You'd be better off reading the reviews on TripAdvisor or any of the handful of travel booking sites that will have better first hand information and details to help you decide what's best for you.

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    Amtrak has 3 trains a day each way between Vancouver and Portland, and the trip takes 8 to 10 hours each way. The fare varies from $55.00 to $86.50 USD each way.

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