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    Default Putting aside for a moment, the lack of dashboard viewability....

    For all of you gear-head photographers out there... Check out this:

    This is from Sandi Wheaton's web site. As she would describe it.... Her photographic journey from Chicago to LA with a Jeep, an Aliner trailer and a bunch of cameras

    It really is an interesting blog.... Check it out

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    Now There is an "arresting" photo ... especially in CA and MN!

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    Default Pardon my curmudgeonliness, but.......

    .........that just strikes me as wholly reckless to restrict a driver's visibility like that. Surely that equipment is not well-secured and would fly about during emergency steering/braking, too.

    Holy Smoke, I just noticed she's TOWING with a short-wheelbase vehicle while all of this silliness goes on. Where are the cops when you need them?

    Last edited by Foy; 06-17-2010 at 06:01 AM. Reason: Towing, too!

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    Default I agree that the visibility issues are a bit strained

    Yeah, I would think that would be a seriously expensive equipment violation citation....


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    I think that's really neat. She's really dedicated, thanks for the link. :)

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    I agree that it appears here to be a hazard from limited visibility - but in fact, with the Jeep's windshield size, combined with the height of the seat and small size of this dashboard equipment - my visibility really was not restricted. It may appear as such in this photo, but it truly was not the case. (Just don't want to be made to appear to be promoting unsafe road-tripping!) :)

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    Default Sandi speaks!

    Thanks for the post and for joining RTA. I've not looked at your site in a while. Any new projects underway?


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