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    We're a family of 4 and starting mid-August we have rented an RV for ten days, RV base is Linden NJ where we need to return it as well. We're relatively new to the north east and would be grateful for some clues.

    We're interested in really beautiful "wilderness" areas including ideally but not essentially a stop at a beautiful beach for the children (not packed with people if possible). Understand real wilderness is hard to find but basically areas of beautiful nature. Desert & drier areas do not appeal. More interested in green & wooded wilderness, mountains & the sea, unpolluted lakes, wildlife. Do not wish to visit any historical sites, or towns or villages, unless there's a charming place en route that has some great places to dine.

    Don't care which direction if we can hit most of the above boxes we'll be very happy. Want to avoid crowded places and heavy traffic if at all possible.

    We have a well-equipped 28foot RV (good sized tanks).We assume we have to use RV parks/camping grounds every night rather than occasionally "pulling over" for the night but if we can do the latter we'd prefer it. We have rented an RV before, but in Europe. Don't mind driving a fair bit but ideal pace would be about 3-4 hours driving every second day but will do a big stint for a beautiful place and then probably stay there longer. With children we couldn't do too much driving.

    Many thanks for you advice

    Best wishes


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    Let's see - uncrowded beaches in August, wilderness in the northeast, all within 10 days round trip of the most congested area in the United States. Hmmm... Believe it or not, I think that may be possible, but only if your RV rental firm allows taking the rig into Canada and you all have passports. If you meet both of those requisites, then you should be looking at northern Maine and the Maritimes of Canada, in particular the Bay of Fundy, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Otherwise, I'd suggest the Delmarva Peninsula, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and Cumberland Island, Georgia, none of which will be as uncrowded. Unfortunately, I expect that most of the beaches on the Gulf coast are going to be unusable for a while.


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    Wow this is great thank you very much AZBuck. I thought it was a long shot. But there ygo. Will check out the maps and distances. This is wonderful thank you again, I didnt know where to start.

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