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    National parks of the west road trip
    Hi we are planning to rent an RV for 2 months in August and September 2010 to tour the national parks of the west, Yosemite, Sequoia, crater lake, olympic,Glacier,Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Grand canyon. We were thinking of starting in SF and ending in Las Vegas. Are we attempting too much in 2 months? Would we be better to start and finish at other points? Any advice gratefully recieved.

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    Default 2 months, what joy !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Two months is plenty of time to explore the West and hit the main points you have highlighted, although you would need a lifetime [or more] to see everything. I, and many others I expect will be extremely jealous ! There would be various start and finish point options for your trip but sometimes a complete loop is not only cheaper [no one way drop off fees] but more efficient. For instance if you started in SF you could head North and then as you leave Grand canyon head to Vegas and then to the Sequoias and Yosemite back to SF.
    You will find the NPS find a park map very helpful in getting info on each one as well as finding others on route [the parks of Utah springs to mind]. I would also buy an annual pass for $80 as it will save you money on paying for individual entrance fees but camping fees are extra in either scenario. Which brings me to the point where I fear that in a lot of the major parks it may be too late already to book RV sites.
    How many of you are travelling ? I love the RV lifestyle but if there are only two people [paying adults] travelling it is certainly the dearer option if compared to Motels and car rental.
    Have a look around the forums [use the search button] for more ideas and when you have more questions just ask.


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    I fear that in a lot of the major parks it may be too late already to book RV sites.
    I think your fear may be unfounded -

    we are planning to rent an RV for 2 months in August and September 2010
    However, this is not too early to book them for next year if they accept reservations this far in advance. This would definitely apply to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone!

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    Default Ooops !

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    I think your fear may be unfounded -
    You are right, I missed the 2010 bit !

    However, this is not too early to book them for next year if they accept reservations this far in advance. This would definitely apply to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone![/
    Unfortunately they don't, [not the ones I have checked thus far] but all the earliest possible booking info can be found on the NPS site.

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    Default For completeness' sake...

    Don't forget to consider in your planning the two other major National Parks in Northern California: Lassen Volcanic and Redwood.

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    I agree that this can be done in two months. SF is a great jumping off spot and if they don't charge too much for droping off the RV in Las Vegas, then go for it. If they want to much, you might consider driving back to SF.

    Yosemite will probably be the hardest to get camping reservations for. If you do that first, you will have a better idea of when you need to make the reservations. Try and camp in Yosemite Valley for the most scenic location. It's been years since we've been to Washington and Oregon so I'll let others discuss those areas. If you want full hookups, there's only one campground in the park, Fishing Bridge, that has hookups and you will need to book this far in advance. There are other campgrounds in the park that take reservations like Madison and Bridge Bay. Both are in good locations. I prefer Madison for it's locations to the geyser areas. If you want full hook ups and can't get into Fishing Bridge, then find a private campground in West Yellowstone.

    On the way to the Grand Canyon, I'd recommend spending time in Utah. Arches and Canyonlands near Moab, Utah. Capitol Reef has a beautiful campground in the park (no hookups), then take scenic Hwy 12 down to Bryce Canyon and also stop at Zion National Park before going to the Grand Canyon.

    Have a great trip!


  7. Default California/ oregon to Montana

    Planning an RV trip to take in the national parks of the North West. Could you advise on the Oregon and Montana sections particularly routes to take and and places to stop. I have attached our plan so far. What changes would you suggest? Are there just too many miles to travel in this plan in too short a time? Any suggestions for places to stop on the trip from Jackson to Las Vegas? We would be very grateful for any tips or advice
    28/7 – 2/8 San Francisco
    3/8 Pick up RV & overnight on way to Yosemite
    4/8 – 7/8 Yosemite NP
    8/8 – 10/8 Sequoia NP
    11/8 Overnight on way to Lake Tahoe
    12/8- 14/8 Lake Tahoe
    15/8 – 28/8 Redwood NP, Crater Lake, Portland, on way to Missoula, MT
    29/8 – 7/9 Missoula Loop, (Glacier NP , Augusta, Missoula) then down to Yellowstone NP
    8/9 -12/9 Jackson, Grand Teton NP on way to Las Vegas

    Moderator Note: I've merged this post with your original thread about this trip. I've also deleted the copy of this post that you used to create yet another thread in other forum topic. Copying and Pasting your posts to create multiple new threads is a violation of our "good neighbor" policy, and can be considered grounds for suspending your ability to post on this forum.
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    Thank you Dave for all your advice to help with our plans. A loop sounds very practical and good advice but I have to confess that we plan to switch the RV for 4 days in one of Las Vegas 4 star hotels at the end of the trip. We have booked national parks site up until mid August - should we book ahead past this? Particularly should we book for the Redwoods NP mid August or do crowds hopefully start thinning by then? By the way when is labor day in the US? Thank you for the links and for replying to our post much appreciated

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    Sorry about the double posting. I wasnt sure how everything worked I am not the best with IT It took me awhile to work out how to post in the first place. Now I know the rules and how things work I will make sure I behave myself

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    Many thanks Utahtea
    We did get up at 2am Australian time to book Yosemite when the booking window opened but only got 2 nights due to the change over to daylight saving that happened on the 14th March. Gand Tetons , Zion and Glacier seem to indicate they operate on a first come first in basis and dont take reservations for most of the camp sites but I am not sure about Yellowstone or Grand Canyon so thank you for your tips on the sites. I will try and work out when we will be there and book those camp sites you recommended.

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