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  1. Default Going from CT to CO with Pug

    A friend & I are planning a trip to CO in late June. Will be in CO for summer. We'd like to do two different fun routes there & back. Our biggest concen is the dog since it will be in the warmer weather. Does anyone have & suggestions/experience traveling with a pet, best places to go and/or stay?

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    First get yourself a good map and map these out yourself! This is one of the best parts of a road trip. Getting out the maps and some highlighters and going over it is a lot of fun, There are a multitude of routes you can choose based on how much time you have to get there and back. The routes are completely up to you. Choose what states you would like to see and what roads to take. Find out how many miles a day yo uwould like to go. We will help you when you choose your route. This is your trip, making your own route is part of the fun!

    I have a route from Allentown, PA for my own trip out there. From Connecticut, though. expect to stop in Ohio for a night, Missouri for a second night, and depending on how deep into Colorado you are going Kansas for a third. This is at the bare minimum of days spending on the road to get there. If you choose 2 or 3 nights to get there you will mostly see what is out your window.


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