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  1. Default California Roadtrip in March- Advice needed.

    Hi, I've checked out some of the various California trips that others have taken here, and I'm wondering if you guys could help me out in planning a trip coming soon. I'll be on spring break for a week at the end of March. I originally planned on going overseas but considering the short time span, I've decided to just drive around California.

    I live in Orange County and this will be a solo trip (no one else) but I'm not sure as to where to visit. I used to live up in Morgan Hill so I thought that was one direction that I might want to head towards, since I'd be interested in driving through that town just to see how it is these days. From there, I figured I could visit San Fran. Other than that, I'm not sure as to where else to go. I usually tend to like hiking and visiting national parks and other scenic/nature activities. I'd even like to just take camping gear and camp out instead of staying in hotels.

    So if you guys could suggest some types of places I could go to, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm not picky towards any certain places. This trip is simply to take a break from everything because college and work have prevented me from taking time off for so long.

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    Default Lots of options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Well you wouldn't go far wrong with a trip up the PCH to San Fran and taking a little time out in Yosemite valley and Sequoia NP before heading home. There are many more options such as heading further up the Coast to the Redwoods, Napa valley and Gold country might be of interest.

    Have a look at the map and search the forums and road trip planning pages for inspiration and when you have found what you are looking for we might be able to help "fine tune" your trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southwest Dave View Post
    Well you wouldn't go far wrong with a trip up the PCH to San Fran and taking a little time out in Yosemite valley and Sequoia NP before heading home.
    I'd be looking at doing it the other way round, and end up driving the PCH from SF to LA. That way you will be on the ocean side, and find it much easier to pull in and out of all the viewpoints and pull-offs along this magnificent road. And make sure you allow two days for the trip from SF to home.

    Have a great trip


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    Yeah I was definitely thinking about visiting Yosemite, but read that it's still snowy during that month. I guess just checking out various sights along the coast would be great as well. Any recommendations for spectacular sights, parks, and areas to camp?

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