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    I'm going to be driving from Houston to Portland in mid-late February--I've mapped out the route on Google maps, but I'm wondering how snowy the stretch from Denver to Salt Lake City will be during that part of the year. The way that it's mapped it seems like we'd be going through there at night. Any input?

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    Nobody can predict the weather this far in advance. However, one thing you said may be disturbing me a bit. How far are you planning to drive each day on the road? I highly recommend you only drive from dawn to dusk, and get proper sleep in hotels. Houston to Portland is a 4 day drive.

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    Hello and Welcome to RTA !

    Interstates are a priority to keep open and traffic on the move, so the worst you should combat is having to see out a winter storm for a few hours in a service area or the like while road crews do their job. As glc pointed out, no one can predict the weather this far in advance but keep updated nearer the time and give yourself enough time to do the trip safely and enjoyably.

    Have a safe journey.

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