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    I have always wanted to take a road trip and just feel like it's now or never. I'm taking online classes and next semester I have to load up on courses then I'll be going to medical school, so I want to take time and do it right. I have a lot of questions that I hope you guys can answer!!

    I'm starting on Long Island, and I don't have a destination yet, so please recommend places! I would like to go on a trip lasting 4 or 5 days, there and back. I just want to drive and I feel like fall is the perfect time so I would love to drive and see places with beautiful scenery around or parks or something relating to that. I want to go to places that aren't crowded or huge tourist destinations, just simple beautiful places, to clear your mind! So going to Maine and stopping at places is an idea, or going to the mountains maybe? I am open for any ideas really, just want to be able to really see what is on the road and places you would never see on any regular road trip.

    Also, how much would I be looking at for this trip in terms of cost? I plan on roughing it so I don't mind sleeping in my car or at a shady motel for a night either.

    Any tips would be great, I'm going to go to the book store and research tomorrow. Thanks for everything in advanced!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdavid216

    I feel like fall is the perfect time so I would love to drive and see places with beautiful scenery around or parks
    Quote Originally Posted by kingdavid216

    I want to go to places that aren't crowded or huge tourist destinations
    Unfortunately, those two desires are almost mutually exclusive, as everyone else has the same desires.Having lived in Maine for many years, I can tell you that the week or two of peak fall foliage are the most crowded days of the entire year on the highways and byways of New England. So, if you want to 'go to places that aren't crowded' that means you're going to have to go somewhere else and/or follow some really back roads. And that means just getting out a good, detailed map and driving the thin back lines through scenic countryside. Also, don't limit yourself to just New England. Depending on exactly when you go, the best color may be farther south. The Adirondacks and Finger Lakes of New York, the Appalachians of central Pennsylvania, the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley of Virginia all offer great scenic drives.Just go out and get lost for a couple of days, and then find your way home!


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    So I though about it and talked to my friend who I will be driving with and I'll be going from Long Island to Boston for a 2 day trip, there and back. We are probably going to drive up in early morning and spend the night in boston and come down in the afternoon. Any ideas of where to go when driving up would be great and things to see and do in Boston! Thanks
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    Default Long Island to Ct by Ferry

    I don't know where you are starting from on Long Island, but now might be a great time of year to travel along the North Fork and take the ferry from Orient Point to New London, CT. A lot of harvest festivals, farms (pumpkins, corns mazes, apple picking, etc.), and wine country to drive through and make some stops on the way to Orient if you wanted to. You could hit some coastal areas on your way up to Boston, such as Plymouth which is definitely scenic. We just did a weekend trip there in September and really enjoyed it. We stayed based there and took the train into Boston from there one day and spent time in Quincy Market. In our experience, actually driving and parking in Boston isn't ideal.

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