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    Default Starting in Vegas ending in ???

    Hi there, I'm coming over to Vegas from the UK in November for a week with friends. At the end of the week they're off back home whilst I have a week (or 2 week) road trip.

    I don't know exactly where to go as November weather may impact my choices. Never been to the west coast before, but also never been to the south or middle america.

    Any suggestions? Would the roads through to Yosemite national park still be ok this time of year? then to San francisco.

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    Default Ideas to Go

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are a lot of sites in the general Las Vegas - San Francisco - Los Angeles triangle worth seeing and you could see many of them in a two week loop that brings you (and your rental car) back to Las Vegas for the return flight home. You do run the risk of Tioga Pass (CA-120) being closed between Death Valley and Yosemite, but even if that's the case it's certainly not a deal breaker on any trip you might plan. You'd just have to take a longer route around the Sierra Nevada, either through Bakersfield to the south or through Reno/Sacramento to the north.


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    Default lots of ideas

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    November can be tricky, as this is the month where things usually start to close. Tioga Pass through Yosemite typically closes sometime in November, although depending on the conditions it can close anywhere from October through December. If it is closed, you can still visit much of the park, you just have to go around through the Bakersfield Area.

    The North Rim of the Grand Canyon would also be the other major thing that will be closed in November, so if the GC is on your list, you'd have to look at the South Rim.

    Otherwise, you kind of have to basic options, you can head west to California, for places like the Yosemite, Death Valley, the Coast, SF, etc. You could also head east and check out places like the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, etc.

    There are no right or wrong answers, and which every way you decide you'd like to go, there are several hundred threads about each options that you can find by using the search function to help you decide and start your planning.

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    The Grand Canyon and Zion National Park are two great cites. I absolutely love Zion, probably one of the best parks. Also you can try and go east towards Los Angeles and San Diego and try to go to all the different amusement parks. I went to Sea World, Disneyland, and Universal Studios. Another great theme park that you may want to visit is Six Flags. It has a lot of fast and large roller coasters. Or for a simple enjoyable trip, drive along the coast from Los Angeles to San Fransisco and enjoy all the beaches and beach towns.
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    Default Thanks for the info

    Hey guys thanks for the replys. I think I'll do a bit more digging with what you've said and plan the trip. Did the helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon last year, but want to see more of it, so I may include that for a day or so, then decide whether to carry on East, or head back west and do the coastal tour up to SFC.

    I'll keep you posted on what I decide.

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