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    Long way off, but my younger brother turns 21 on July 8th next summer, so him and another of our friends are flying in to Dallas (where I recently moved) from Scotland (where I grew up) at the start of July and we plan on spending the month of July road-tripping between the Dallas area and the Atlanta area (where I used to live).

    We have a few ideas, July 4th in Dallas, July 8th in Atlanta for his birthday, drive to the beach at Panama City and Daytona at some point, going out to the bars/clubs in both cities at night obviously, lake trips with the boat and jet skis etc, six flags, malls, restaurants etc..and we plan on filming it all for the pure fun of it.

    Anyone who is familiar with either area, Florida, or the south in general have any good ideas for where to go/what to do/where to eat/visit etc etc? Or any general road trip ideas would help to make his trip as fun as possible

    Bear in mind that he is turning 21 so partying will be a priority, and even though the drinking age is 18 in Scotland, there's something different about being able to go out and drink in the US. Thanks...

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    Default You Do Plan to Separate the Two, Don't You?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of night life, and certainly you won't find anyone here who will disagree with the idea of a RoadTrip to see a few places including the shore and some vibrant cities. The one caveat is, of course, not to try to combine the two too closely together. You can easily have a night or two in Dallas, get a good night's sleep and then hit the road and take two or three days to get to Atlanta. Here's a report on a similar trip I did a few years ago that may give you some ideas. See days 2,3 and 4. For the more 'liquid' part of your trip, you can take a look here to find some bars that serve their own brews.


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