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    Myself and two friends are planning a road trip from Detroit, MI to San Francisco, CA. We plan to leave Detroit on August 17th 2009, and would like to arrive in San Francisco on August 21st. I'm looking for the most scenic route out to the west. Speed is not the highest priority, I would like to take this time to explore that big middle section of the country with my two friends. If anyone has any suggestions, or "must see" places, I would love the info.

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    You can't beat I-70 across Colorado and Utah and US-50 across Nevada if you are looking for a scenic route.... but you have not left yourself much time for *exploring*.

    Lifey who loves that route

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I agree with Lifey that I-70/US-50 would be a good scenic choice, and there are lots of national parks and other potential stops along the way.

    However, I will note that making this drive will require every bit of the 5 days you've said you have to make for this trip. While speed might not be your biggest priority, the reality is, it needs to be a significant factor on with this timetable. You'll have some time to make some short stops, but you're still going to need to be on the road for 8-10 hours a day t cover the distance. If you are really hoping to explore, you'll want to add more time.

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    Thanx for the suggestions. I think I just may add more time, i'm heading out to San Francisco to go to school, and school doesn't start until Sept. 8th so I should be able to add a few more days to the trip. Any special stops you would suggest?

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    I loved Glenwood Springs, Moab and Archers NP, among others.

    If you search I-70 on the forums you will come up with enough to occupy you for weeks. You will stop to explore so often, you'll wonder where the time went.

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    Any other suggestions?

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    Default The basics.


    I think to get the help you are looking for you need to do a little research to find main points of interest to you and see how/if they can fit into your plans. When you have an outlined route and a better idea of time scale then we could start to offer some options along your chosen route. Without your input on a route that spans the country it would be like throwing things in the dark. With the right amount of time anything is possible from St Louis and it's famous arch to the Grand canyon and Las Vegas. We don't do "must See's" around here, everyone is different and the idea of the road trip is the freedom and individuality of each and every trip.
    Once you have the basics laid out let us know and we can help piece it together and add suggestions to your trip.

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