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    Hey guys!

    I'm a Swede living in Morgantown, West Virginia. My brother and a friend of his is coming to visit me in August. They'll be here for 3 weeks, and I'm planning on showing them around West Virginia for the first week. Taking them whitewater rafting and such. And for the two remaining weeks I'm hoping to go on a road trip somewhere, which is why I'm here to ask you lovely people for ideas.

    I would really like to drive out west towards California for the breathtaking scenery, but I'm afraid two weeks might not be enough time. We don't want to spend the majority of the time having to drive like mad people, if you know what I mean.

    We're not traveling on a huge budget, so it would most likely have to be a round trip, with camping and motels.

    Any advice? :)

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    Heading all the way to California would be outside the scope that you've defined, but that doesn't mean you can't go part of the way there. You could go as far as Yellowstone in Wyoming, Grand Canyon in Arizona, or any place of a similar distance. With two weeks and wanting to take it leisurely and on a budget, I'd cut that back a bit to perhaps Denver or Santa Fe, keeping your daily driving to under 300 miles. The drive out would give an excellent overview of the diversity of the American landscape.

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    You are right that you'd really be pushing things to make it all the way to California and back in 2 weeks.

    But beyond that, we don't know what you are interested in, and since you could go most anywhere east of the Rockies pretty comfortably on your timeframe, its a big target to just randomly start throwing out ideas. I'd start by asking your friends if they have anything they want to see, and then pull out a map and just start looking for ideas. Do a little brainstorming, come up with somethings you'd be interested in seeing and doing, and then see if you can build a trip around them. That's really the best way to get started.


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