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  1. Default Scenic Drives connecting...

    ...the southern Oregon coast with central Oregon.

    I know there are plenty of roads that connect the coastal highway with the interstate in that part of Oregon, but I was wondering if someone could suggest a gem or two.



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    Default Half an Idea

    My wife and I are planning a trip to the lower Columbia River and Oregon coast this fall, and a couple of weeks ago she showed me a website describing a gorgeous road inland from Beaver, OR on the coast to somewhere around McMinnville. She didn't bookmark the URL and I've been trying to find it ever since. My maps don't show anything but forest service roads through that area, and my best guess is that it's some combination of Blaine, Nestucca River, and Meadow Lake Roads. I may try to find it for the adventure when I'm there on the ground. But if you should find it in the meantime, leave a note here. Thanks.

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    Is this it, Buck?

    Blaine Rd - Upper Nestucca Rd - Nestucca River Rd - NW Meadowlake Rd. From what I can find, there are a few miles of Nestucca River Rd that are unpaved. It goes from Beaver to Carlton, which is near McMinnville.

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    Default Eureka

    That's the road, but she had found a different website. And it's probably too far north to be of use to LDTL. Thank you very much.


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    Default Bend to Florence?

    Just taking a guess that these cities are approximately what you want to drive from/to.

    Here's a good route. It takes you over beautiful McKenzie Pass and past some incredible lava beds near Sisters. If it's not open yet, you may have to veer north via 126 from Sisters to Belknap Springs. It sometimes opens quite late, well into summer.

    Near Florence, you'll go through the Siuslaw NF.

    I actually find almost any route out to the coast to be pretty scenic so I don't think you can make a bad choice but, if this gets you roughly to/from the places you intend on going, this would be a good choice.

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    Default Florence-Eugene Highway

    I've taken OR 126 (Florence-Eugene Highway) a number of times over the year and have found it a pleasant drive. There's a cool covered bridge 33 miles east of Eugene (I think it's the Wildcat Bridge) that I've stopped at to take photos.

  7. Default Thanks!

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I believe that in the time we've got, the Florence>Eugene>Bend route is the one we're going to make Plan A. All sorts of contingencies for this trip though, so we'll see.


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