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  1. Default Atlanta to Washington D.C./MD

    We are taking our semi-annual trek from Atlanta to the D.C. area and looking for interesting stops along the way. We have done this drive several times and have always stopped in Chapel Hill (my alma mater) for a night but this time we'd like to get a little further north. Traveling party includes me, my wife and our two daughters (8 & 6). Anybody have any suggestions for a good place to explore? Thanks!

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    When I did the trip I stopped in Lynchburg for the night. Of course it also depends which way you are taking. I prefer taking Rt. 29 over the interstates.

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    Default Now For Something Completely Different?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your normal route is 650 miles. If you can forego your stop in Chapel Hill and add 50 miles to your drive, you can take an entirely different route and show your family, and yourself, some new places. Instead of taking I-85 and I-95, use I-75 up to Knoxville, a short eastward jog on I-40 to I-81 and finally I-66 from Front Royal into Washington. Halfway would be around Bristol, TN. The highlight of the first day could be a slight detour into Gatlinburg and Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Highlights of the second day could be a visit to Jefferson's home Monticello in Charlottesville, a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, or a visit to parts of Shenandoah National Park.


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    Default Eastern Shore

    Have you ever been to the Eastern Shore of Maryland / Virginia? Perhaps on the return trip you could head from Washington, DC to there via US-50, then take US-13 south across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

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    Thanks -- great idea. My wife's family lives in Annapolis and we lived in Montgomery County and DC for about 9 years. We love St. Michael's and have discussed going there for a night.

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    AZBuck - thanks, how much longer in time do you think this route would take? It sounds much more scenic (i.e. nicer) than straight I-85 and I-95.

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    Default About an Hour

    Which over two days is nothing!


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    My mapping program says 58 minutes - Buck is right on.

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    Default Clarksville, VA

    Well, it's troubling for me, a 3rd generation NC State man (and father of a 4th gen Wolfpacker) to offer assistance to an admitted graduate of Orange County Tech, but in the spirit of Good Samaritanism, here goes:

    I like the community of Clarksville, VA, on Kerr Lake where US 15 crosses the lake. There is a decent-looking motel on the water (Lakeside? Lakeshore?) and a couple of B&Bs and nice sit-down restaurants right on main street (Virginia Avenue) within 3-4 blocks of the lake.

    From Clarksville, US 15 north traverses a seldom-seen section of Virginia--some 100-120 miles of rolling hills, forest, pasture, and small towns and villages. US 15 merges into US 29 at Culpeper, some 60 miles southwest of the DC Metro area.

    I like the Eastern Shore suggestion, too. You've got to run the gauntlet of traffic in some SC, NC, and Tidewater VA metro areas to get there, and more of the same at the Bay Bridges, but so be it.


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    Very cool - thanks!


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