Yesterday I entered California for the first time by car. On I-40 somewhere near Needles, I encountered an inspection station, "All vehicles MUST stop". As I drove up, the inspector in the next lane was examining the rear end of the car in that lane. When I got up to the inspector in my lane, he asked, "Where are you coming from?", "Do you have any fruits and vegetables?", "Do you have any plants or animals?". I was waiting for him to ask for my passport. What the heck? I know many years ago, Arizona used to stop cars searching for fruits and whatever, but they cut that out years ago. So what is California's problem? I could give those people something better to do, like maybe shipping them down to the border with Mexico and have them check for illegal entrants.

Fortunately, he accepted that I was from Louisiana, and had none of the items in question. But what if I had one or more pets with me, a dog or cat? Would there have been a problem? Will they frisk me again as I leave the state?

Talk about a foolish waste of money. No wonder California is crying because it's broke - again.

Do any other states have these ridiculous inspection stations? I've never encountered another in my travels. I could understand at an international border crossing, but at a state line?!! Sheeesh!