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  1. Default Los Angeles to Sandusky Ohio thru Colorado with return via old 66

    Hello Friends!

    I am looking for some advice regarding a trip I am planning to take in the next couple of weeks, (departing Los Angeles May 12th or so)
    For a road trip to Sandusky Ohio from Los Angeles,

    I am thinking of taking 15 thru Nevada>Arizona>Utah then 70E thru Colorado> 80E>Nebraska>Kansas>Illinois>Indiana Ending at Sandusky Ohio.

    I love desert driving as well as having always wanted to travel through the rockies. Considering I would be leaving Mid-May is this a ok time to take this trip? Is the route that I am taking a beautiful and enjoyable drive?

    For the return trip I plan on following the EZ-66 guides trip following the old Route 66 mother road from Chicago to Santa Monica, California.

    Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for your help!

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    Default basic enough

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You plan sounds decent enough. I-15 and I-70 through the west is probably my favorite route across the west, as it goes through some amazing parts of Colorado and Utah.

    Route 66 will be a decent option for a different way to go home, although you should know that since the highway was decommissioned in the 80's, there are some pretty large stretches that simply don't exist anymore.

    If you are spending full days on the freeway, you're looking at about 4 days each direction. Of course, if you want to stop alot along the way, or if you spend a lot of your time on two lane roads, you'll need a bit more.

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    Thanks so much for the information!!!
    I am glad to hear that my East bound road decisions is also one of your favorite routes across the West. I am very much looking forward to experiencing this. Have you doing this part of the road in the middle of May before? What sort of weather could I expect to encounter during this type of drive this time of year?

    As for the return journey via 66, I am going to use the book EZ66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan and Maps available from the route 66 foundation, so hopefully that should make finding it a bit easier!

    Any other tips or advice in regards to weather or conditions is greatly appreciated, thanks again so much for your advice thus far!

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    For a change of pace on the way out, instead of taking I-80, stay on I-70 to Columbus, take I-71 to Ashland, and US-250 to Sandusky. That way, when you go to Chicago to follow 66 to go home, you won't be retracing your steps on the toll roads.

    The weather in mid-May should not be an issue anywhere on the route.

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    Thanks so much for the information! Actually on the way back to California via route 66 I will be leaving from Yispsilanti Michigan heading to Chicago and then following the old remenants of 66. Would you still suggest that I take the I-80>70>71>US-250 to get to Sandusky, based on that new information?

    Is the route that you suggested more scenic or more relaxing then the original route that I mentioned in the first post? (70E thru Colorado> 80E>Nebraska>Kansas>Illinois>Indiana Ending at Sandusky Ohio)

    Thanks again so much for all the help!
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    Is the route that you suggested more scenic or more relaxing then the original route that I mentioned in the first post?
    Not really - it's just "different". The only thing it actually saves you is some tolls and a bout with Chicago traffic. It's 100 miles longer and adds 2.5 hours to the trip, and is not immune to metro area traffic either.

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    Thanks so much for the information!

    Now I just read about route 50 dubbed "the Loneliest Route"
    I love desolation and empty vistas free from generic big box stores and cookie cutter shopping plaza's. Would I be more happy traveling to Ohio via route 50 from Los Angeles vs. the 15 to the 70?

    True I would have to head up to San Francisco first to catch it and it would be alot longer I imagine but would it be more "fulfilling" ? What do you think?

    Any suggestions or comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Options- Route 15->70 (los angeles to Ohio)
    or Route 5->50 (San Francisco to Ohio)

    Thanks again for your help! P.S just for background information I am a Male in my 30's traveling solo. I do know that 50 especially through Utah is very desolate with few and far between service stops so that should be taken into consideration by me I assume :) Thanks again!
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    50 will join I-70 not very far east of the junction with I-15.

    Here are some options. Take I-5 north out of LA to CA-14. Take that to US-395 and follow it to Bishop. From there you can take US-6 across Nevada to Ely, where it meets US-50. That stretch of US-6 is also considered a "lonely road" and some say it's even lonelier than 50.

    Alternative would be staying on 395 to Carson City and picking up 50 there.

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    Thanks for the advice! Would you recommend this route instead of taking the 15 to the 70 for a L.A to Ohio journey?
    Thanks again!

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    If you don't mind it taking longer, and you want to see desolation, yep. Either one will put you on 70 in Utah for the rest of your trip, which in itself will have some spectacular scenery through the Rockies. Taking US-6 will add about 7 hours to your trip, going to Carson City and taking US-50 will add about 11 hours.

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