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  1. Default NYC to Florida (Key West) in 19 days Help Please!

    Hi, am going to be doing a road trip from New York down to Key West and need some advice and suggestions from the great people on these forums so that I don't miss out any gems (Sights, food, adventures, etc.) along the way. Below is my itinerary as it stands:

    24 New York
    25 New York
    26 Philadelphia
    27 Philadelphia/Lancaster
    28 Baltimore/Annapolis
    29 Washington
    30 Washington to Wilmington
    1 Charleston
    2 Charleston/Edisto Beach
    3 Charleston
    4 Savannah/Tybee Island
    5 Savannah
    6 Savannah/Brunswick
    7 St Augustine
    8 Miami
    9 Key West
    10 Key West
    11 Key West
    12 Leave

    We know New York fairly well, but aside from that the rest of the trip is unknown to us. We have looked at the "Road Food" book by Michael Stern so have some food ideas, but my girlfriend is on the hunt for the best seafood and I am on the hunt for some really good bbq.

    Also we would like go to some great beaches and do some swimming with dolphins, boating/kayaking, fishing,etc (Probably in Florida I would guess). Also tours in savannah and charleston if there are any people recommend.

    We like to keep our days pretty full, so if there are any other ideas or recommendations people have for any of our destinations they would be really really appreciated!


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    Hi there, I'll be driving a significant portion of this trip myself over the summer, particularly NY to Washington and Savannah to Key West (the middle portion I'll be coming more inland).

    I'll be doing a lot of research over the next few weeks and will pass on anything I find.

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    That would be great thanks!....I see you're heading inland, where abouts are you going to? Don't want to miss anything!

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    any info or suggestions anyone else might have would be great too! Thanks

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    Default I wish I could help

    I've been to Wash DC, Orlando, and Huntsville. That's it. So I'm not much help.

    However, I can direct you to some discussions here about the eastern coastal areas. Hopefully some reading through them will give you some good tips.

    Southern States to Maine - while this covers a greater area than you're traveling, I think some of the middle portions of it should have some ideas that meet your needs
    Southern SE States
    Mainly Florida - a good roadtrip report starts at post #7

    I know great BBQ has been discussed in these forums. However, I came up empty during a brief search. You might give it a go, using the search function in the green search bar above, and see if you can find it if you spend more time than I was able to do. I just know there are some good tips about BBQ places in here somewhere.

    Sorry to not be of more help. Hopefully someone more familiar with these areas will chime in.

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