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  1. Default July 4, Rodeos, and Memphis

    As we plan our month-long road trip, I'm realizing that one of our dreams is just not going to happen . . . we'd wanted to be in Greeley, CO on July 4 for the big Greeley Stampede. We thought that'd be an all-American way to celebrate July 4.

    However, since I want my husband to remain profitably employed, we have to abide by the time he can take off work, and that means we simply cannot leave home in time to make it to Colorado in time. So, we're looking at Memphis, TN for July 4 -- what's cool to do there? (with daughters, ages 12 and 15; we're not looking for nightlife type things)

    And since we won't make it "out west" for July 4, we're looking at going to the Cody Night Rodeo later in the month. I'm getting the impression that it's a scaled-down version of a rodeo. Will we Easterners enjoy it? Details, please!

    Any other rodeo options out there of which I might not be aware?


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    Default Just about every town has a rodeo in the summer

    Quote Originally Posted by MrsPete View Post
    And since we won't make it "out west" for July 4, we're looking at going to the Cody Night Rodeo later in the month.
    The Cody Rodeo is a main event on the circuit -- Personally I like the one in Douglas -- at the Wyoming State Fair -- but it think it will too late for you.
    Any other rodeo options out there of which I might not be aware?
    Cheyenne puts on a BIG one each year.

    Here is a list of 18 different and ranked rodeos in Wyoming this year.

    This is the 89th year of the Cody Rodeo -- and there is plenty to do in Cody -- make sure you take the time to go to the Draper Wing of the Natural History Museum and the Whitney Gallery of Western Art. I loved that gallery as a kid and I think your kids will too.


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    Default And lots to do in Memphis

    I'm sure your kids will have a ball there. For just a few ideas of things to do there, enjoy this article by Scott Stanton "Memphis to New Orleans: More Than Just Graceland". And I would be surprised if they don't have a great fireworks show on the 4th. All major cities do....and it seems that a touristy city like Memphis would excel with this.

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    Default Where are you starting from?

    Not to stop you from going to Memphis. But it looks like the PBR Challenger Tour series will be in PA on July 4th. Some of the other series will be in Oklahoma and Texas then as well.

    I also found this link about 7-04-07 events in Memphis. I would think some of the same things would be there in 2008.

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    Wow! Thanks for the info, folks. I can't wait to dig into these links and see what's there for my family!

    We're going to New Orleans in just a few weeks, so the Mississippi to New Orleans article is timely, even though we aren't going that direction on our big summer trip at all!

    If we reverse the direction of our trip (which wouldn't make a hill of beans difference to me), we could be in Philadelphia on July 4, but Philadelphia doesn't exactly scream "Wild West". Still, I'm not ruling it out until I look over all these great options.

    Thanks again!


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