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    Has anyone ever traveled on the Green Tortoise? I took it from San Francisco to the end of Baja and back in 2003. It was then I learned I could travel farther, longer, and see places the average tourist (I hate that word) would never see. So last spring I packed my tent, sleeping bag, too many clothes, and flew to north shore Hawaii. Stayed 5 weeks. It was GRAND!!!! Karen
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    Quote Originally Posted by crablady View Post
    Has anyone ever traveled on the Green Tortoise?
    Karen, I didn't know it still existed. Thanks for this information. But I looked at their website and it appears to be still a functioning enterprise!


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    I traveled on one of their buses oh.... *mumble mumble* years ago. A very mellow way to travel, although it made me nervous a bit when a bunch of passenegers lit up on the bus. At that time, the buss would pull over and convert the seats into sleeping platforms, so you just laid your sleeping bag out and slept on the bus that way.

    They also weren't known for really detailed schedules and I had friends who reported getting on a bus and having the passengers vote on where the bus was going to go....

    Last I heard of them was like 3-4 years ago, and it was reported they had turned from a hobby shop operation into more of real bus line (with scheduled stops and regular routes and all...).

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