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  1. Default Fort Lauderdale to San Diego

    I am moving to San Diego and planning on driving there with my boyfriend some time in February. I have been on two round trips from Connecticut to Fort Lauderdale, but I was 12 and not the driver, so I could use some tips.

    What is a reasonable amount of time to drive?

    What should I bring (besides luggage)?

    How can I find out where interesting stops would be?

    Should I get hotels in advance or wait?

    Do I need a car GPS?

    I'm nervous so any help is really needed.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What is a reasonable amount of time to drive?
    The total trip is about 2600 miles one way, which could be comfortably covered in 5 days of driving, if you stick to direct freeway routes and are on the road for 8-10 hours a day.

    What should I bring (besides luggage)?
    This topic has been discussed a few times, including in this thread.

    How can I find out where interesting stops would be?
    Sometimes the best bet is to get out a map and start plotting a route. That will give you and idea of what cities and landmarks you would be driving near. Once you have an idea of your route, then you can start researching to find things off the beaten path.

    Should I get hotels in advance or wait?
    This Article from our Planning Section goes over the pros and cons of making reservations.

    Do I need a car GPS?
    I've never used one and have no plans to ever purchase one. I don't think there is a substitue for paper maps, however, others disagree.

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    Default Congrats on the move!

    I think 8-10 hours per day in the car is a bit much for a first-time roadtripper. If possible, add a day or two so you can take things at a slower pace and enjoy the drive and have time to stop and explore things.

    I agree with Michael on the GPS issue. I may get one some day if prices really well under $100. But maps work just fine and learning good map-reading skills is really an important skill to learn. But read the link Michael provided and if you have the cash, go for it. They can be a fun toy but I'd still take paper maps for back-up.
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