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    Default Advice on this one please

    Hi all.

    Decided not to do the road trip this year, instead went to Toronto in April for 8 days.

    Thinking of doing this next year from 1st to 13th May, would appreciate some advice please:

    Fly into SF
    San Francisco 3 nights
    Sequioa and King's Canyon
    Death Valley
    Bodie Ghost Town
    Grand Canyon
    Hoover Dam
    Lake Mead
    Las Vegas 3 to 4 nights
    Fly home

    Can get reasonable priced flight and car.

    Any advice would be most appreciated!!


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    Default Third Verse Same as the First

    Welcome back to the RTA forum!

    I don't know that we'll be able to give you much more than what we told you in your last thread. Tioga Pass will still be closed in early May, so you'll have to keep that in mind.

    Otherwise, I'd reread your old thread, and check out the threads linked in this post for some more ideas.

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    Default Don't remember...

    ...your last posting on this subject, sorry, but I'll make two comments.

    Going from Death Valley to Bodie is a long way out of our way, and even though it is open year round, it may even be difficult to get to in a rental car in May because of snow and/or the gravel road that runs for several miles before you get to the town.

    If you must get to Bodie, then you just about have to forget Sequoia/Kings Canyon and take one of the passes further north such as Hwy 108, Hwy 4 or Hwy 88, which add 3-5 hours to your trip, but at least you don't back track. Keep in mind that the drive from Death Valley to Bodie is at least 4.5 hours one way so you don't loose time by not back tracking, and you see new territory.

    As for the cost of fights or car, who knows? Just like the stock market the price of these services rise and fall seasonally, and with the cost of fuel. All I can say is take your best shot and see what happens. If you see 8 of the 9 things on your list you'll still have a great trip.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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