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    I am moving the family eastward and we have a road trip ahead of us from Dallas to Charlotte. We only have two to three days for the trip so not much time for side trips, but we would like to choose the more interesting road. Intuitively it seems like I30 through Arkansas and then I40 through Tennessee and North Carolina would be prettier with interesting cities along the way, but I'm not sure if the extra time would be well spent.

    Does anyone have experience with this route or suggestions?
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    As with these things, its always a matter of taste, but I'd probably agree with you and take I-30 and I-40. Memphis and Nashville should both offer plenty to do, if they end up being places you have time to spend the night, and of course that route will take you through a little more mountainous country.

    I-20 could be fun too, though, and I think you could really find some fun southern culture on that path.

    Time wise, I-20 might be a little bit faster, but I doubt it would be by much. Its probably a wash when you factor in the possibility of being slowed down by Atlanta traffic, so I would make my decision based solely on which route you think sounds more interesting.

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    Default I-20

    I've driven lots of I-20. Never made it all the way to the East Coast, but I catch it a lot in Texas and take it to Shreveport and points further East. It's pretty, but as Michael said, it goes through much more frequent patches of rural America than I-40. As for prettiness. It depends on what you like. As I said I-20 passes through more rural areas, but I-40 hits a lot of cities. I tend to shy away from large cities, but being from Dallas, you may have a different perspective than me.



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