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    I am new to this site & am hoping to get some feedback on my upcoming trip over July 4th week.

    My DH (broken leg & limited ability to drive), my DD9, our small 2 yo dog & myself have invited my sister and her two DDs (14 & 9) to take a road trip with us to visit my DH's parents. That is Mpls to Knoxville. 1000 miles one way, 9 hrs per day for 2 days just to get there. We have made this trip 3 times without them and I even did all the driving last Christmas after my DH broke his leg & had surgery the week before. We have a 2003 Kia Sodona with a X-Cargo X-Treme Car Top Carrier. The car can seat 7 people. The girls have their own portable DVD players & iPods.

    We already spend a lot of time with each other so I don't think there should be too many problems. But my worry is that the van is too small for all of us. I can't seem to find full size van rentals anywhere. Is renting a better idea or will this work out ok?

    Thanks for any feedback.


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    Default Seems a little too tight to me

    Quote Originally Posted by TripScott View Post
    That is Mpls to Knoxville. 1000 miles one way, 9 hrs per day for 2 days just to get there.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! My first question is how/why does your husband keep breaking his leg? Seven people (OK, one is a dog) seems a little tight for your Kia -- even with the car top carrier -- I wonder where you are going to put all of the luggage and coolers, etc. On the other hand you have made this trip three times before -- so I think you already know the answer to your query...
    Is renting a better idea or will this work out ok?
    If you have the budget -- I would think getting a larger vehicle makes some sense.. If you used two vehicles, you could switch passengers and keep everyone more relaxed and happy.


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