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    Coming from Saint Louis we know nothing about the West Coast. We wanted to visit friends in Portland and then explore for about 7 days, then end up back in Portland. Can anyone help me make some plans to a successful trip.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisacasciola
    We wanted to visit friends in Portland and then explore for about 7 days, then end up back in Portland. Can anyone help me make some plans to a successful trip.
    Greetings Lisacasciola! Welcome to the Forum!

    In order to really help you, we'll need to know what sort of things you're interested in. Are you looking to visit sights like Mt. St. Helens just north of Portland, or are you more interested in the city scene/night life.

    Any insight into things you're into would help alot!


  3. Default Portland roadtrip

    We would love to see anything that is of interest in the area. More scenic things like Mt St Helen, etc. would be great. We have no idea of what to do...anything would be wonderful!

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    Default Portland Adventures

    Quote Originally Posted by lisacasciola
    We have no idea of what to do...anything would be wonderful!
    Here is a post with several ideas of places to explore around Portland!


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    Hmm.. a few random ideas?

    Accept with a grain of salt of course, since these may not be aligned with your tastes..

    - Go up the Columbia Gorge for the scenery
    - Crater Lake, about a day's drive south of Portland (you'll need to stay somewhere around here -- perhaps Klamath Falls, or there abouts)
    - Oregon coast. Lots of cool beaches and beachcombing and funky little towns along the beach.
    - Explore the mountains around Mt Bachelor or the 3 Sisters -- camp over night, find a place to stay, or just have a picnic in the mountains and forest.
    - As a several day trip, drive over to the Oregon coast, go along it a ways, cross the bridge at Astoria and continue up to Olympic National Park. Viist the Hoh Rain forest, Crescent Lake, and Hurricane Ridge near Port Angeles. Continue on around east, take the ferry to seattle, and return sound on I-5 to Portland (about a 4 ish hour drive).
    - Visit the Oregon Wine Council south of Portland. Some very good wines and wineries, but not yet so heavily touristy.

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    Default Great ideas!

    Larrison has given you some great ideas but most of them are a bit of a drive from Portland. If you want to stay closer to Portland, I suggest the following:

    To the east of Portland: Mt. Hood and the historic lodge, the Columbia River Gorge, the "old highway" to Mt. Hood with a stop at Vista House, Maryhill Museum, Beacon Rock, the "Bridge of the Gods", Stonehenge Replica, Multnomah Falls, Hood River, the various dams which offer tours.

    To the west: Astoria, Seaside, Fort....ohmigosh, can't think of the name, but it's the place where Lewis & Clark wintered and it's just west of Astoria, Fort Stevens, and do a drive over the cool, long bridge in Astoria to Washington state to explore Fort Columbia and the fun fishing village of Ilwaco.

    To the north: Mt. St. Helens, Vancouver, WA, with a visit through the historic downtown area including Fort Vancouver, and lots LOTS more but I'm not sure how far you want to drive during this trip. Let me know if you want more options in Washington state.

    To the south: the cities of Salem and Eugene. Salem is the capital and capital cities usually also have interesting museums and other things to see. Eugene is just a great college town that is such a known liberal enclave that many folks find it fascinating. You've never seen more Jerry Garcia-looking types driving old VW Busses than you will in Eugene! The drive from Eugene to Sisters, OR, and then you can come back up by going past either Mt. Hood or out to the Columbia River Gorge. It would make a very nice loop.

    In Portland itself: Saturday Market is a lot of fun with fun, kitschy, artsy-crafty and other unique offerings. The Riverfront area in downtown Portland is a beautiful park to walk in and is adjacent to the more upscale part of downtown with some great shopping. Powell's Books. If you like bookstores at all, you must go to Powell's Books. It is a whole city block....I'm pretty sure it's 3 stories if I remember right. You have never seen more books in your life. New books, used books, rare and historic books! They've got 'em all. Portland has a relatively nice zoo and a lot of nice museums. I particularly like the Pittock Mansion but it's been a long time since I've been there so I can't advise you about particulars. They also have a nice science center. The Grotto is popular but I've never been there. And there are lots of nice micro-breweries.

    I would think your friends who live there must be full of ideas for you. Have you asked them?

    Hope this gives you a good starting point to make your plans. Come back with more questions while you're planning.

  7. Default thank you

    Thank you so much for the great ideas.....we love them all

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    Default Cool!

    If you have any more questions, just ask. And let us know what you did when you get back. We love roadtrip reports around here! And they help future people with planning their own trips. Enjoy!

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