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Daily Log 12.6.96 - Milepost 77,491
McKinleyville, California
We visited McKinleyville yesterday, and watched the surf on Trinidad Bay. Today we're going mushroom hunting in the redwoods in preparation for attending Humboldt County's mushroom festival this weekend.

Daily Log 12.7.96 - Milepost 77,491
Trinidad Bay, California
It's still raining in the redwoods, but that doesn't stop the north coast surfers, who headed out to meet high tide at 8:30. They're a rugged lot! We're staying indoors, except for a walk in the forest to admire more mushrooms.

Daily Log 12.8.96 - Milepost 77,491
Arcata, California
Rain, rain, rain, and more rain. It won't stop the Humboldt County Mushroom Festival, though, and that's where we're headed today. Tomorrow we'll be heading south, and maybe Marvin will have a chance to dry out!

Daily Log 12.9.96 - Milepost 77,491
Eureka, California

At the moment, raindrops aren't falling on our heads, and after four days of non-stop showers, we're glad to have a chance to dry out as we head toward San Francisco. Since we've heard that Highway 101 is flooded south of Eureka, the day's drive may be more of an adventure than usual. We don't carry pontoons!

Daily Log 12.10.96 - Milepost 77,774
Novato, California

Good fortune smiled upon us, and we slipped down Highway 101 in between deluges and high tides that had covered the highway near Loleta for hours. After a quick night at a truck stop in Ukiah, we continued down the coast, arriving in the Bay Area in time for rush hour.

Daily Log 12.11.96 - Milepost 77,825
San Francisco, California
We parked on Candlestick Point near 3Com Park, home of the San Francisco Giants and '49ers. David Kirby took us to dinner at the Elephant Bar, a restaurant whose name is thoroughly reflected in the decor.

Daily Log 12.12.96 - Milepost 78,247
Pasadena, California
We arrived in Pasadena after a trip down Interstate 5 through sunshine, fog, and rain. We slept in the shadow of the Rose Bowl in a spot we'll be calling home for the next few weeks as we bring you behind-the-scenes stories of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

--Mark, Megan & Marvin

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