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Daily Log 11.15.96 - Milepost 72,835
Sagamore Hill, New York We're enjoying a day at Theodore Roosevelt's historic home on Long Island. Impossible as it may seem, TR himself was on hand to greet us! James Foote, who enjoys an uncanny resemblance to Teddy, brings him to life for audiences across the country. He gave us a "bully" tour!

Daily Log 11.16.96 - Milepost 72,883
Brooklyn, New York With just two more days in New York, we're spending a day riding elevated trains and visiting the New York Transit Museum. Our water lines froze last night, which means our journey south and west is starting none too soon!

Daily Log 11.17.96 - Milepost 72,883
New York, New York It's our last day in New York, and we're making final preparations for our trek west. We'll be heading out tomorrow on a trajectory that will take us through Dallas.

Daily Log 11.18.96 - Milepost 72,995
On the road, Maryland The highway's our home once more as we leave the greater New York area and begin our trek west on Interstate 95.

Daily Log 11.19.96 - Milepost 73,246
Jessup, Maryland We stayed at an enormous Truckstops of America truck stop overnight, enjoying the lullaby of 400 tractor engines. Today our destination is Columbia, South Carolina. SC is a new state for RoadTrip America, number 48!

Daily Log 11.20.96 - Milepost 73,779
Columbia, South Carolina We celebrated our arrival in South Carolina (state #48 for RoadTrip America!) with a visit to 'South of the Border,' a roadside attraction of gargantuan proportions just past the North Carolina border. Today we'll go through three states-- Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi--before we stop in the fourth at Shreveport, Louisiana.

Daily Log 11.21.96 - Milepost 74,308
Meridian, Mississippi We'd hoped to make it to Shreveport, Louisiana, last night, but finally called it quits at midnight at a Phillips truck stop in Meridian, Mississippi. We're actually getting used to sleeping with the roar of diesel engines surrounding us. Today, it's Dallas or bust!

--Mark, Megan & Marvin
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