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Baja RV Adventure
Baja RV Adventure
Those who already know that Baja California is a fantastic place for a road trip will probably be irritated by John Holod's Baja RV Adventure video. They'd rather preserve the common view that the long skinny peninsula south of San Diego is a barren wasteland. They'd like to keep secret that Baja is actually a place of astonishingly diverse beauty, culture, and history, not to mention some of the most exotic wildlife this side of the Galapagos Islands. There are world-class RV resorts, too, along with hip tourist towns, colorful cantinas, and great restaurants. Baja RV Adventure reveals all these well-kept secrets and more. Watching it is like tagging along with an easy-going friend who likes to mosey, chat with locals, explore unusual buildings, and schmooze with gray whales...[read more]

Alaska RV Adventure
Alaska RV Adventure: The Last Great RoadTrip
Professional videographer and travel speaker John Holod has been exploring and filming the back roads of North America for nearly thirty years. In this 80-minute video, he provides glimpses of the magnificent topography and rich cultural heritage to be found in British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and the vast state of Alaska...[read more]

Discover America

Discover America by RV is a brand new video hosted by Shirley Slater and Harry Basch. The 35-minute program provides an excellent overview of the possibilities afforded by road trips. Shirley and Harry share a number of personal discoveries from holidays spent on the road. Spectacular footage includes scenery from the rugged coasts of Maine, the subtropical jungles of central Florida, and the stark desertscapes in Utah's Bryce Canyon National Park to magnificent waterfalls in Oregon's Cascade mountains. Along the way, viewers will also visit the Spam and JellyBelly factories...[read more]

Easy RVing


Top 40 RV Camping Tips
Two new thirty-minute videos in the RVing Essentials Series offer how-to tips especially valuable for beginners. Easy RVing gives a good overview of what it takes to pack and operate an RV efficiently and safely. It's a perfect introduction for those who are considering renting or buying their first RV, especially if they'd like to avoid some of the pitfalls hosts Joe and Vicki Kieva recall from their own early RVing days, like overloading a trailer or using a tow vehicle that isn't powerful enough to pull it. The Kievas now have over thirty-five years of RVing experience to draw from, and their tips and instructions are basic, practical, and apply to all kinds of RVs, from tent trailers to bus-sized diesel pushers.

Top 40 RV Camping Tips, a second thirty-minute program, is also useful for beginners, but even seasoned RV aficionados will find ideas worth remembering. Gathered both from the Kievas' personal RV experience and their extensive interaction with other RVers at seminars, shows, and rallies, the 40 tips range from how to keep ants from climbing up your hoses to how to receive mail when you're on the road...[read more]

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