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Roadside Murals

More Murals:
Interior of a Dry Goods Store in Steubenville, Ohio
Photographed by Gerald Thurman of Tempe, Arizona
Steubenville Dry Goods Store

Steubenville, Ohio is home to twenty-five murals depicting historical scenes of rural America. An online photo collection of some of these murals is online here. A walking tour map to the murals is available from the Steubenville Convention and Visitors Bureau. A mural painted by Robert Dever in 1998 is a tribute to Steubenville native Dean Martin -- the town holds a Dean Martin Festival each year in June.

Although we were unable to identify the artist who created this fanciful and stunningly clear depiction of the inside of dry goods store we will update this page if you know the artist's name and send us the information.

Eric Grohe is another Steubenville muralist -- some of his works are online here.

Photographed by Gerald Thurman on November 17, 2004
Posted on RoadTrip America 11/05

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