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Mural on the Gamblers Bookstore in Las Vegas, Nevada
Gamblers Bookstore Mural

The Gamblers Book Store at 630 South 11th Street in Las Vegas claims to have the largest selection of gambling books, videotapes, and software available in the world. It is also the place to go if you need gambling chips, dice, and other gambling mementos. Although we were unable to identify the artist who created this interesting mural, we will update this page if you know the artist's name and send us the information.

As part of the centennial celebration for the city of Las Vegas, the Gamblers store has commissioned an art class at UNLV to paint a bird's eye nighttime view of the Las Vegas skyline on its annex building located at 500 E. Main Street. To see some of the other 104 murals that are being planned or have been finished in Las Vegas, click here:

Photographed by Megan Edwards on September 13, 2005
Posted on RoadTrip America 11/05

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