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Roadside Murals

More Murals:
by Shirley & Wray Simmons of Mountainair, New Mexico
Mountainair, New Mexico
Contributed by Gerald Thurman of Tempe, Arizona

It's a rarity to find so much information about a mural in the development stages, but this mural on US Highway 60 in Mountainair, New Mexico, is a charming exception. "The Mural" was created by a team of local artists over a fifteen-month period, and you can follow its path to completion by reading the blog posts of the Mountainair Arts council beginning in April, 2006. The concept for the project apparently originated with Shirley and Wray Simmons. They orchestrated the project and also painted much of it. Other local artists involved include Ann Hopping, Megan Lemcke and Judy Mowris. Indicative of the sense of humor that characterized this project, in December, 2006, "The Mural" was awarded the first annual "Monty" award by the local arts community:

"…The Mountainair Monty. Roll out the red carpet. Drumroll please. Movies have Oscars, advertising has Addies, websites have Webbies. Mountainair? What else but Monties? Besides, an opportunity to make "full monty" jokes is well nigh irresistible…"

"The Mural" was finished sometime in late fall, 2006.

Photos of the mural in progress

"The Mural" is on the side of the Firehouse Restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Ripley in downtown Mountainair, New Mexico.

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Photographed by Gerald Thurman 7/24/09
Posted on RoadTrip America 8/09

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