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Roadside Murals

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Historic Bishop: Mural by Bob Unkrich
Update: 04/10/09: A tragic loss of this mural occurred in mid-March when the current owner of the property cut an access hole into the middle of the mural to carry out a remodeling project. A photo and more information are online here. After the hole was cut into the mural, the owner removed the rest of the mural by having it sandblasted off the wall.

Historic Bishop

Bob Unkrich
Bob Unkrich in front of another of his murals in a barbecue restaurant in Bishop

Bishop, California is actively promoting the creation of new murals and hosts muralists from around the world who come each October to share ideas and concepts. One of the first large-scale murals was painted in oils by local artist Bob Unkrich in the early 1990s. This mural, which depicts a scene from the nineteenth century, is located at the corner of Willow and Main Street in downtown Bishop. For more information about Bob, click here.

Photographed by Megan Edwards in May, 2004
Posted on RoadTrip America 11/05

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