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    Default Brand New to this Forum?

    Here are some tips that you might find useful, if this is your first time on a Forum or bulletin board.

    To Log-on:

    Fill in your user name and password in the box at the top right corner of the page

    User Name: Whatever you are using
    Password: Whatever you specified when you registered

    You can either respond to an existing thread or start a new one. To respond to an existing "thread" or subject, click on "Reply" enter a title and a message and click submit.

    To create a new subject, or ask a question you will be creating what we call a thread: The Great American RoadTrip Forum is divided into dozens of topics, like "Fall & Winter RoadTrips" or "Share the Gas". Choose the topic that seems to fit your query the best. For example, let's choose "Fall & Winter RoadTrips"

    Click on "Fall & Winter RoadTrips"

    Click on the "New Thread" button

    Make a title and enter your message

    Click submit (*******)
    If you click Submit and find that you get an error message -- it is probably because you haven't yet clicked on the authorization link that we sent you at the time of your original registration. You may find that this vital link is in an e-mail sitting in your "spam e-mail folder". If you are unable to find it, contact Mark Sedenquist, and I will assist you.

    The Forum is moderated by nine members of the roadtrip community and their primary job is to serve as your host and guide while you are using the Forum. They are all knowledgeable and experienced roadtrippers with millions of miles of road expertise under their collective tires. We strive to be a source of information and ideas about that nature and philosophy of road tripping and also provide itinerary suggestions. We enforce a set of “good neighbor” rules to ensure that everyone’s experience on the Forum is welcoming and helpful. Here is a post that clarifies this policy a little.

    This forum is not be used for gratuitous advertising and anyone who crosses that line will be prevented from participating in the community. If you have a question about this policy, please contact Mark Sedenquist, who is the Forum Administrator.

    Fifteen (15) Days Time Limit to Activate Registration When you register, you are sent a link to confirm registration on this Great American RoadTrip Forum. If you are not able to confirm registration in this 15 days period, your membership will be pruned, (removed) and you will need to re-register. (We have had to implement this to counteract some of the more nefarious techniques used by professional spamsters...)

    Ninety Minutes (90) Active on the Forum. Until recently (July, 2010) the time span for how long a member's account would remain active before being logged out due to inactivity was 15 minutes. But since many, many members are now using the RTA PhotoShare program to upload photos, edit their photos and using this utility to upload photos to the Forum, and will soon be using the RTA Custom Mapping application, we've changed this time-out period to 90 minutes. And we'll be looking into adding a time-out warning message if you're approaching your time-out beyond that. We'd like feedback on this time-out issue, so please let us know.

    Two Kinds of Searches Here. At the top of every page on this Forum there is a Google Custom Search box, which searches the entire RoadTrip America Web site. There is also a "Search Forum" which you can use for searching the forum, Attractions and Route articles. You can find this search by using the pull-down menu under the tab labeled "Members."

    RTA Forum Management Team
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