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    Hi All,

    Up front please let me apologise for what i can see is a topic that has many many threads. Ive read many of them that have been most useful, but there are a few things i would like clarification on if someone could please be a saviour and help out.

    The leg of our trip below covers 29 March to 3 April (6 days, 2 of which will be in Napa)

    My wife and i (New Zealanders) are travelling by rental car from San Fran to Napa Valley (for a couple of days - dont really need any assistance for this one but tips are always welcome). From Napa Valley we intend to drive to Yosemite (not sure of the best route for scenic vs. safety/ weather), then back west out of Yosemite (we are aware that the Tiago pass will be closed) and north on the main road immediately north of Yosemite (not sure the name of it as its not on my map (Google maps) but i goes through Sonora). We'd then follow the road East North East until we join up onto USA 395 (near where it links up at the Bridgeport Reservoir). We then plan to travel south on USA 395 past Mono, Mammoth and Bishop, before heading south west on 136 and then East onto 190 through Death valley.

    We then plan to follow our nose to Vegas once out the other side! Any suggestions on the route from Death Valley to vegas would be most welcome.

    My main queries are these:
    - Are the routes i've detailed above likely to be open at this time of year?
    - Is the chosen route scenic or are the better ones that could fit in with our timing (basically a 3/4 day trip from Yosemite to Death Valley to Vegas).
    - Where would you recommend staying on this trip (areas and hotel/motels!)

    Many thanks in advance to all.



    Another quick question;, would you recommend us renting 4 x 4 for this trip, or would it not really make a difference?
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