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    Default Roadtrip from Dallas to Seattle in Winter

    I am planning a road trip from Dallas to Seattle in middle of December. I have to plan it in detail. I have 6 days to do the whole thing and I also like to make it fun. Stopping here and there to see cool things you never get to see.

    One thing worries me is the road condition. I have the option to tow my car or just drive it. Which one do you think is better? What is the best rout in that time. What kind of equipment I need to take with me? Any recommendation is appreciated.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    First of all, check out some of our winter driving resources.

    For route, if the weather cooperates, I'd take the direct route over to Amarillo and then I-40 to Gallup. Then north through Shiprock into Monticello UT, or US191 parallels the same route on the Arizona side. Both are scenic and beautiful. From there, work your way up to Salt Lake and then I-84 and I-82 toward Seattle.

    In Utah, check out Arches National Park and Canyonlands. There are many other great stops along this route as well, depending on how the weather is and your time frame. Happy planning!

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    Just an FYI. If you take I-82 into Washington, you will need to cross the Cascades at some point. If the weather is good, there are several beautiful passes to cross. White Pass on Hwy 12 going west from Yakima is my personal favorite. However, if it's covered with snow, it's pretty treacherous and I'd avoid it in that case.

    The best pass to cross is I-90, Snoqualmie Pass. There was a recent rock slide there. You may want to check the WA State DOT website for the status of this rockslide before you continue further along this way. If slides are still a problem, you might be best to stay on I-84 until Portland and then going north on I-5.

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